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When you were a child, you probably dreamed of having that one perfect career.  A cowboy, firefighter, astronaut, or perhaps a circus lion tamer, or clown.  But then, something else happened.  You grew up.  Suddenly you had grown-up responsibilities to meet and bills to pay.  You graduated from school and were expected to take a good, decent job.  So you settled on what you could get at the time, and your dream job remained just a dream.

But it is not too late to land your dream career.  The hours you spend thinking about it, could instead be hours spent making it happen.  For example, if your dream job is to be a truck driver, heading out on the open road to places unknown, seeing hidden parts of the country, then you can make it happen.

The truly successful don’t just love what they do; they do what they love.  A paycheck does not determine their success, but rather the confidence and pride they have in their work does so.  Other people around them may be envious, but instead of emulating their formula for success, the jealous ones choose to believe that the successful people must know a guarded secret, or just got lucky.  The jealous ones often fail to realize that the successful people worked hard for their good fortune, usually struggling to land a dream career.

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But dream careers are not merely for the fortunate few.  A dream career is attainable by anyone who truly wants it and is willing to work hard to get there.  There is no mystery or magic in the process, just a few simple, proven steps.  So if you want to be a truck driver, follow these four steps:

1. Believe in yourself.  If you really believe that a driving career is in reach, you will attain it.  Self-confidence is a critical and often overlooked element to true success.  You need to genuinely believe that you deserve to be a trucker, and can handle the responsibilities.  People who realize their career dreams are those who believe in their goals.  And it is not difficult to become a true believer.  On paper or screen, jot down your image of yourself working in a truck driving job in detail.  Sketch a simple picture that you can read or look at daily.  Use this form of positive reinforcement to inspire you.

2. Get the facts.  Now that you are confident in your own potential for success, you must back up your beliefs with relevant facts. Research what specific steps will be needed to bring your picture to life.  Once you know this, you’ll be more comfortable when it’s time to take action.  Where are the nearest truck driver training schools?  How do they rate with graduates?  Will your dream job require specialized training beyond the CDL or LGV/HGV license?  If a trucking career will mean a drop in pay, is that important to you or do you value happiness over money?  Ask every possible question, and give yourself honest answers.  Once you have all of the facts, you will be prepared and ready to take action.

3. Commit to your success.  Some people are truly frightened of success.  To be a true success not only requires honesty and commitment, but also contains the potential to fail.  Successful people are almost never afraid to say, “I will”.  Most of us are not inclined to make strong commitments. We often say that keeping ourselves “tied down” will somehow hinder us from being open to other opportunities.  Don’t obsess about the odds of something better coming along.  Commitment gives you a far more powerful reason to get out of bed each morning and work toward becoming a truck driver.

4. Form a plan.  Once fully committed to starting a trucking career, map out the path you’ll take.  Put your list facts into play.  Break down your big plan into small, easily obtainable goals.  Write these goals on your calendar, create a ‘to-do’ list, and get on your way.  Remember to manage your priorities and only focus on the items that will actually bring you closer to your success.  No more time for dreaming; put your time into accomplishing the small steps.  Ask for help, and delegate or eliminate tasks if possible.  Your family will need to support your choice, as a trucking career, for example, affects family members a great deal.  Talk to them about helping you accomplish your steps.

Despite what you may have gleaned about those fortunate few, a dream career doesn’t simply fall from the sky.  Success comes to those with a strong belief in themselves, and who work hard to make those dreams reality.  Don’t worry about taking very small steps; that’s how you reap the biggest rewards.  We’ll see you one day rolling down that highway as a confident, successful truck driver enjoying your dream career.

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